At MyFinB, we view the financial ecosystem from a data-driven perspective. We feel that this is important because it ultimately determines which technology is a best-fit for a business problem even if the end-results are similar.

Our Natural Language Generation is unique in that it is the only system of these that conducts activities in three areas at the same time: assess situations, draw conclusions from those assessments (including predictions) and then transform those conclusions and any advice that is linked to them as language.
MyFinB is agnostic to the source of the data it uses or derives – this is one of the few technologies in the ecosystem that makes use of all three of the ‘assess, predict, and advise’ stack.

Market Segments

MyFinB focuses on seven types of market segments that utilises the platform for various purposes. We help them process big data and even unstructured or limited data into detailed financial decisioning reports. By making Artificial Intelligence-based technology more accessible and portable, we enable them to take full ownership of their own data and co-own the platform with us.

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market segment

Bank & Financial Institutions Corporations & Listed Companies Investors Trade Associations & Business Chambers Professional Services Firms Government Agencies Investment Promotion Agencies

SME Solutions Using Analytics

Making Your Business More Bankable

How To Value Your Business More

SMEs: Joint Venturing And Partnerships

Mergers And Acquisitions For Your Business

Raising Capital for SMEs

Succession Planning For Your Business

Business Restructuring For SMEs

Financial Benchmarking For SMEs

Securing The Right Amount of Financing

Types of Reports

Our OTC platform can generate 3 types of reports:

Basic Profiling

A basic analysis of a company in terms of its financial position versus industry average based on key indicators with an explanation of how to interpret and apply the reports to make preliminary assessment.

Valuation Drivers

A review of the factors that drive the company’s business and risk position, sensitivity analysis on its profit margins and top 5 key issues/highlights; and what needs to be done.

Management Review

A comprehensive analysis of past and current issues and what needs to be assessed in the future. Includes sectional analysis and a 4-part financial checklist / roadmap to help improve financial strength across key dimensions.

Key Benefits

Our MyFinB platform helps organsations to detect possible gaps and areas of concern. The reports will then address these issues and recommend the next steps to be taken, leading organisations to more desired outcomes.