“MyFinB to propagate A.I in schools”

Working with universities to build  greater understanding and application across industries

New Delhi: India, 05th January 2019There are over 4,400 accredited colleges and universities in Asia. While Big Data studies are a relatively new field in tertiary education, it is of significant importance. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts a need for 181,000 people with deep analytical skills, and a requirement five times that number for jobs with the need for data management and interpretation skills hence the adoption of big data analytic courses in tertiary education.

Given the explosive growth on the help-wanted boards for data analytics experts and the intensifying competition to fill more jobs than there are qualified people, MyFinB, a data analytics company providing A.I solutions globally is actively participating in A.I education by bringing artificial intelligence analytics of big data to schools in Asia. Among the first of MyFinB’s tertiary education partners is Mahrishi University of Information and Technology in Lucknow, India. Maharishi University, one of the top most University in Lucknow, was established in 2001 offering a variety of courses in information technology.

“We have an opportunity here to address the problem of a growing industry”, says M. Nazri, MyFinB’s CEO. “As A.I analytics grows, there is a pressing need for employers to find A.I related talent and who better to sow the seeds than those of who are experienced in the field. By sharing our knowledge with academic institutions across Asia we aim to bring more people into the fold.”

Maharishi University of Information Technology hopes to offer certificate, diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses in A.I with the help of its A.I partner. This collaboration between MyFinB and Maharishi University involves tapping on the former’s expertise in AI/Fintech for their degree programmes and managing their online education programmes on the topic across the Indian states. With time, MyFInB intends to expand its list of academic partners and establish ties with more universities across Asia.