“MyFinB Eyes Indonesian E-commerce and Logistics Market

: Strategic Meeting with Major Players to Adopt A.I. based B2B2C Analytics”

Jakarta, Indonesia 22 January 2018 – MyFinB Indonesia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MyFinB Holdings, is set to launch its latest innovation involving a RoboMarketeer in Asia, starting with the Indonesian market. This is MyFinB’s latest B2B2C cognitive analytics technology, which has the ability to datamine millions of transactions and customer data, giving deeper insights into users’ purchasing patterns and behaviours.

MyFinB is one of the few A.I / Natural Language players who is now eyeing the lucrative Indonesia’s e-commerce market – currently valued at just over USD$7 billion with 28 million e-commerce users present in the market. By 2021, this figure is expected to grow to USD$14 billion and 42 million users respectively, indicating a growing e-commerce market which is currently dominated by major e-commerce players such as Tokopedia, Lazada, and Bukalapak.

“Starting with Indonesia, MyFinB’s goal is to disrupt both the e-commerce markets and logistics industry particularly those involved in fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) before entering the ASEAN market”, commented M Nazri, who is the founder and Group CEO of MyFinB Holdings.

According to Nazri, “Our RoboMarketeer is essentially an intelligent customer insights report that will process millions of ecommerce and logistics data from manufacturers to end users. Product owners will be able to have in-depth analysis of customers and make predictions about spending habits, likely purchase amounts, as well as provide insights into the top-selling products in various regions.”

“This will give the e-commerce and logistics platform a more accurate and timely indication of which products to offer to end users” stated Nazri. He also mentioned, as part of future expansion plans MyFinB intends to target neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, and, Thailand before moving on to bigger markets like India and China.

About MyFinB

MyFinB sets out the vision of helping more than 100m businesses worldwide make sense of their financial statements using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generator (NLG) engines. With regional headquarters in Singapore, Malaysia and UK, it serves four segments (financial institutions, accounting and consultancy firms, government agencies and enterprises) globally – and help them achieve higher productivity, lowered risks and better shareholder value.

For more details, please visit www.MyFinB.com and email: corpcomms@MyFinB.com.