“India Presents Huge Opportunities for A.I. – Driven Analytics: Formation of MyFinB India to Boost Local Development in The Field”

India, 17 December 2017 – MyFinB has officially set up its Indian operations which covers Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Uttar Pradesh, as part of a joint venture with InfoTrust India Pvt. Ltd. (InfoTrust).

MyFinB India shall focus on the development of front end and backend applications and support our global operations in 15 markets by end-2018. These would focus on API connectivity, payment gateways, management of cloud infrastructure and marketplace.

“We believe in upgrading our technology which is not only limited to text analytics and chatbots but includes video analytics capabilities in the future. We have begun to acquire talents from India and are also in talks with Russian developers to strengthen our technology team,” explains M Nazri, MyFinB’s Group CEO and Founder.

“As MyFinB’s aspiration is to become a global Fintech player, the formation of MyFinB India will continually sharpen MyFinB’s goal towards providing best services and making India as its strategic market,” he added.

As part of expediting the process of SME lending in India, MyFinB is planning to roll out its RoboBanker, a smart system driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), to Indian Tier 1 Banks in 2018 via its upcoming collaboration with various Indian business groups to be announced in due course.

M Nazri, CEO of MyFinB with Gyanedra Kumar, Country CEO (India) and Group CTO MyFinB India


M Nazri with part of MyFinB India Management Team


About MyFinB

MyFinB sets out the vision of helping more than 100m businesses worldwide make sense of their financial statements using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generator (NLG) engines. As a virtual CFO and risk analytics platform that uses A.I. to conduct financial assessments, it also provides recommendations for enterprises and consumers on a web-to-mobile platform. With regional headquarters in Singapore, Malaysia and UK, it serves four segments (financial institutions, accounting and consultancy firms, government agencies and enterprises) globally – and help them achieve higher productivity, lowered risks and better shareholder value.

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