Great potential for UK Fintech sector to adopt more A.I.: MyFinB UK CEO

London, UK – 6 September 2017:  Technological advancement permeates into each different industry and renders unprecedented challenges to all industry players in UK. In financial sectors, problems such as delayed loan applications and constant interruptions in credit reviews have hindered financial institutions to offer best services to their clients – this is the key message presented by MyFinB as part of the BBVA Open Talent 2017 on 6 September 2017.

MyFinB offers a cognitive technology that makes financing decisions and customer engagement more impactful.

“Through MyFinB technology, we can help financial institutions to screen for opportunities to identify suitable prospective clients and efficiently monitoring clients from delinquency or non-performance,” explains Steve Tak, Co-founder/CEO of MyFinB UK based in London.

Steve, a chartered accountant for more than 20 years further adds, “We cater to the needs of other industry players such as professional firms, government agencies, and enterprises. We can help unravel insights and provide good intel to enhance their performance via A.I driven technology”.

As part of the event, MyFinB is launching its retail model that comprises of several modules such as financial benchmarking, financial roadmaps and connection with consultants available on platform. These modules can help startups and SMEs to profile, benchmark and assess their financial health by looking at their weaknesses.


About MyFinB

MyFinB sets out the vision of helping more than 100m businesses worldwide make sense of their financial statements using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generator (NLG) engines. With regional headquarters in Singapore, Malaysia and UK, it serves four segments (financial institutions, accounting and consultancy firms, government agencies and enterprises) globally – and help them achieve higher productivity, lowered risks and better shareholder value.

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