“Effects of management’s actions no longer a mystery”

: A.I backed for predictive power

Kuala Lumpur, 04th November 2018 – Asri Ahmad Academy has been instrumental in educating the Malaysian public about the stock practices that can help them cash out profitably. Asri Ahmad Academy is now incorporating fintech into the process of predicting management actions that can either drive the stock price up or bring it down.

Assisting with this endeavour, MyFinB’s A.I engine is being used to produce and dissect different scenarios that involve management decisions, and tell investors what these decisions could possibly do to the company’s stock prices. The key shortcoming of most fintech is that they are still very selling-based – in a sense that whatever they advise about is linked to a certain financial product from the marketplace.

However, MyFinB’s tools on the other hand address some, if not all, of the shortfall and constraints by focusing deeply on the profile of the individuals and/or a company’s fundamentals. This goes beyond the regular public news scanning and annual financial reports that can only produce one perspective. Asri Ahamad’s Academy’s partnership with MyFinB means that it is possible to dig deeper and perform a SWOT analysis of the company while providing the roadmap on what action steps to take to address specific issues – even in the absence of selling a product or service. The actions taken by the management will be studied and its results provided to investors for consideration.

“The question really is how do you highlight hidden values and financial strategies to investors in a way that they can use productively?” asks Mr. M Nazri, CEO and Founder of MyFinB. “An old saying is a butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a hurricane in the Caribbean. Connecting the dots between these two events is a tedious task and the possibilities are huge, which is why we save a lot of time and resources by developing A.I to give us these answers.”

Asri Ahmad Academy is presenting these innovative developments in their weekend stock sessions as part of their MOU with MyFinB.

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