In today’s competitive and innovation driven corporate environment, SMEs need to have a strategic outlook, be innovative in developing products, possess market development capabilities, and exhibit operational excellence in execution, amongst other things. In addition to the entrepreneurial aspects, the company will also need to learn how to undertake fund raising as well as mergers and acquisitions, which will have an impact on its growth journey.

Business valuation plays an important role in this aspect. The company will need to identify the value drivers of the business, understand their role in value creation, determine the value created, and communicate this value to the relevant stakeholders.

An in-depth study of the valuation process, approaches and methods of business valuation adopted in the market place to determine the value of businesses and companies will be carried out. This includes the focus on areas such as, the role of intellectual property in SMEs, the contributors to future economic benefits (e.g. growth and margins), factors that affect the state of the business in this new era, the strategic and operational readiness of the business and more.

Through this coaching session, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the basic principles of financial modelling
  • Build a model based on the core financial statements
  • Simulate impact of corporate strategies on business valuation

Coaching Contents:

  1. Using valuation to guide negotiations and decision making
  2. Methods and techniques of business valuation
  3. Assessing impact of strategic decisions
  4. Implementation roadmap for your company’s valuation