Reorganisation, remodelling, redesigning, restructuring or business optimisation, is a process where a company does an overhaul of its current strategy, setup, and operations. When a company restructures internally, the operations, processes, departments, or ownership may change, enabling the business to become more integrated and profitable.

Optimisation can be a tumultuous, painful process as the internal and external structure of a company is adjusted and jobs are cut. But once it is completed, restructuring should result in smoother, more economically sound business operations. After employees adjust to the new environment, the company is typically better equipped for achieving its goals through greater efficiency in production. SMEs will certainly benefit from a successful, well-executed restructuring – in terms of decreasing operational costs, improved communication and decision-making processes, and also introduce new protocols and new technologies to enjoy increased operational efficiency.

Through this coaching session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different models and purposes of business optimisation
  • Appreciate the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of business optimisation
  • Pursue an effective change management strategy for your firm

Coaching Contents:

  1. Types of business restructuring models to consider
  2. Optimal positioning in the value chain
  3. New business model strategies
  4. Case studies / experience sharing
  5. Business restructuring roadmap