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Basic Profiling

Basic Profiling

A basic analysis of a company in terms of its financial position versus industry average based on key indicators with an explanation of how to interpret and apply the reports to make preliminary assessment.

PRICE: S$15.00  (Not including 5% transaction fee)

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Valuation Drivers

Valuation Drivers

A review of the factors that drive the company’s business and risk position, sensitivity analysis on its profit margins and top 5 key issues/highlights; and what needs to be done.

PRICE: S$50.00  (Not including 5% transaction fee)

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Management Review

Management Review

A comprehensive analysis of past and current issues and what needs to be assessed in the future. Includes sectional analysis and a 4-part financial checklist / roadmap to help improve financial strength across key dimensions.

PRICE: S$150.00  (Not including 5% transaction fee)

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