“Bringing India’s A.I up to speed”

: One of India’s Tech University seeks MyFinB’s expertise 

New Delhi: India, 09th December 2018 – India is a relatively late entrant to the global A.I race but has enormous potential for A.I research and application. With over USD 480 million allocated to A.I by the Indian government, it is only 0.6% of its GDP compared to China’s allotment of 2% of its GDP (Source: https://www.analyticsindiamag.com/where-artificial-intelligence-research-in-india-is-heading/). For now, A.I in the country is primarily housed in universities but the Indian government hopes to broaden this mandate and encapsulate their digital economy, Internet of Things (IoT), and R&D. 

Maharishi University of Information Technology is joining the ranks of these institutions that hopes to expand the A.I horizons of the country by offering certificate, diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses in A.I. Maharishi University’s A.I  academic partner of choice is MyFinB, a data analytics company providing A.I solutions globally. The collaboration between MyFinB and Maharishi University involves tapping on the former’s expertise in AI/Fintech for their degree programmes and managing their online education programmes on the topic across Indian states.

The MoU was signed on 09th December 2018 by both MyFinB and Maharishi University. “Through this partnership, Maharishi University will be scaling up student’s employability in both the financial and non-financial industries”, says MyFinB’s CEO and founder M. Nazri. Maharishi University will shortly begin marketing the online platforms that distribute the A.I programmes across India and globally, placing another feather into India’s A.I hat as it catches up with countries like the US and China in the global race for A.I domination.