“Asset Management Companies Shifting to automatic Research Analysis”

: Fidelity SG explores A.I solutions with MyFinB 

Singapore, 04th December 2018 – Asset Management companies are faced with numerous issues such as an ecosystem that is overcrowded with information, having insights that are not tailored to specific circumstances, and most of all monitoring that is static and manual. 

To solve this issue, automation in the form of A.I has come to the rescue providing a solution through which customer experience can be enhanced. Since manual, static monitoring has been an issue, Asset management companies like Fidelity SG are shifting towards automated analysis of investment holdings. The reason behind this shift is due to the fact that A.I engines are capable of summarizing information gathered from an extensive list of sources, into a concise user friendly format. This facilitates the investment actions based on specific needs and priorities.

A.I engines go further says M. Nazri, founder and CEO of MyFinB, a company specializing in A.I analytics. “A.I analysis gives the user the benefit of predictive analysis as well as prescriptive analysis. This means that not only do you get predictions of insights and fundamentals; you also get recommendations that are timely, relevant, and reduces investment risks”.

Fidelity SG are exploring the possibility of partnering with MyFinB to benefit from these new A.I solutions, taking asset management to the next level. The speed, depth, and breadth of A.I allows not only a company’s financial statements to be analysed, but also the news, customer feedback, and research that is based on it. This provides a comprehensive report, that can be used to make better decisions.