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MyFinB appointed by Malaysian agency as Tech Solutions Expert in AI

: MFB wants to play a larger role in promoting AI to the Malaysian market

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Date: TBA) – The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has appointed MyFinB (MFB) as a tech solutions provider as part of their Data Technology Partnership Program. As part of this role, MFB performs roles such as working with MDEC to accelerate the AI data technology adoption by organisations and produce more Data-Driven Decision Enterprises. MyFinB will also be contributing its AI insights and expertise to facilitate the talent development and  industry-academic collaboration within Malaysia in order to build a vibrant data technology ecosystem.

Since early 2020, MFB has led more than 50 AI capacity building programmes with 17 industry partners, garnering at least 5,000 signed participants ranging from banks, SMEs, public listed companies, government agencies, professional services firms and tertiary institutions. MyFinB continues to work with industry partners such as the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), the KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific, various universities and international groups like Global Chamber.

Through these programmes, more than 50 AI project ideas are being crystallised and onboarded with many organisations expressing need to adopt AI systems to improve productivity, raise revenue levels and shorten turnaround time.

For more enquiries, please email to corpcomms@myfinb.com.

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