Welcome to the new era of financial analysis and reporting


Financial professionals are using natural language generation (NLG) to transform their financial data into narratives. Instead of manually analysing, interpreting and communicating insights to their internal and external stakeholders, our intelligent system MyFinB does it automatically.


We see how people struggle with financial statements or data that do not tell the whole story. It takes too much time, effort and resources to make sense of them – especially for those who are not accounting-or financially-trained. We’ve simplfied the process and make it all easy for them.


We intend to solve the key problems faced by all users of financial statements – looking beyond historical transactions and numbers. We are able to tell the financial journey of a company, from the past and current, into the future, indicating the issues they are likely to face, and prescribe remedial actions via a customised roadmap.


We have a diverse international team that makes us who we are. Our skillsets are also uniquely distributed across finance, analytics and technology. We have a unique blend of entrepreneurial and professional team, young and mature, males and females who are passionate, dedicated and disciplined.

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